Double windows

Until recently, double windows were the dominant type of wooden windows. However, under the pressure of modern architectonic trends and fashion they are giving way to large-area window designs. Nonetheless, double windows, being the epitome of traditional architecture, have secured their position as a classic ones which, to our pleasure, will doubtlessly enjoy popularity through years to come. Compared to other solutions, double windows’ eye-catching construction also offers some unique use possibilities.

The Structure

As their name indicates, double windows have a twin construction: namely the space of the window is enclosed in a frame that holds two sashes. Consequently, to support the double construction, the elements must be substantially bulkier.

Often the sashes are divided by transom bars into smaller, top and bottom sections. Also, double windows’ inner sashes are larger than the outer one, which can be opened both inside and outside.

The only limit in the design of a double window is one’s imagination. Double windows, usually being large – and serving a decorative purpose themselves – are ornamented with carvings or sculptures placed on transom bars or mullions. Another decorative elements, typical of this type of wooden windows are the muntins, placed on every sash, also used for aesthetics rather than construction reasons.

To those who can afford them – for the financial reasons or architectonic circumstances, i.e. possession of a historical building – they are the most recommendable solution. Not only do they serve as the perfect complement of classic architecture, but also offer splendid isothermal protection.


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