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Luxury timber interiors

Luxury timber interiors

Bespoke fine luxury timber stairs – unique beauty, prestige, exclusive, custom-made wooden stairs manufacturer – oak stairs

When deciding on which manufacturer to choose, beyond any doubt COHERENCE should be the decisive factor.

At our Studio we are very careful to ensure that all the elements and pieces of equipment we produce match each other and their setting. Hence, to complement our offer of EXTERNAL DOORS, INTERNAL DOORS, WOODEN WINDOWS, and KITCHENS, we also manufacture


Satisfied with the products we manufacture, our clients stay attached to our brand. Through hard work and dedication we have earned a reputation of a reliable manufacturer who offers excellent and consistent quality combined with exquisite style, that in not only pleasing to an eye in itself, but also harmonise with its surroundings.

Wooden (alder) fully fitted wall panels from the UK manufacturer – fashionable, made to measure, bespoke timber wall panels

2. The wooden wall panels beautifully decorate the residence hall.

Custom-made wooden stairs - oak railings – bespoke timber stairs close-up

3. Close-up of the hand-carved oak stairs railing in a manor house.

Bespoke wooden stairs: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, made to measure timber stairs from the UK manufacturer, oak stairs England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland - fitted oak railings

4. Oak stairs railing referring to the structure of the very oak. Intricate manual work. Hunting residence.

Wooden stairs – bespoke wonderful marvellous luxury oak railings, exclusive, beautiful, stylish oak stairs

5. The artistic intention behind this stairs railing was to blend seamlessly the nature and shape of oak with spectacular finishings.

Bespoke luxury timber stairs – fitted oak stairs – made wooden railings caps

6. The crowning of the stair railing is made of a single oak trunk.

Luxury made to measure palace stairs – oak bespoke fully fitted stairs manufacturer UK

7. Exclusive stairs of the Palace of the Archbishop in Lviv. Reconstruction based on the old photographs from the early twentieth century. Staircase railings made of alder wood, resulting in unique smoothness of the surface. Steps and rails made of oak.

Carved wooden stairs custom-made manufacturer England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland

8. Richly carved wooden elements of oaken stairs in a classic townhouse.

Oak stairs made to measure – good traditional fitted wooden stairs manufacturer UK
Fitted timber carved furniture – oak wardrobe doors to measure – wooden doors manufacturer UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), bespoke doors Ireland

10. Oaken wardrobe with hand-carved flower motif.

Bespoke sauna manufacturer - exclusive, luxury wooden sauna - stylish, fully fitted oak timber sauna

11. Sauna made entirely at the Dubiński Joinery Studio.

Bespoke interior wooden doors internal door manufacturer UK – good alder made to measure wall panels England

12. Wooden wall panels and perfectly refined heater covers matching the style of alder internal doors.

Stylish, luxury, bespoke wooden furniture manufacturer – wooden heater housing UK

13. Full heater cover made of wood.

Luxury wooden furniture to measure, custom-made bathroom, bespoke kitchen cabinets, fitted living-room timber furniture, wooden furniture manufacturer UK - carved oak bespoke bathroom cabinet
Best bespoke timber bathroom - alder furniture, wooden kitchen furniture to measure, oak bathroom, timber living-room furniture manufacturer UK England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland

15. Fitted bathroom furniture made of alder wood.

Made to measure oak furniture - bespoke interior wooden doors / internal doors – custom-made oak bookcase

16. Furniture inside a suburban residence. Library of oak wood. Chests in white.

Fully fitted durable modern stairs - oak timber, bespoke, high quality, prestige, long warranty wooden stairs

17. Modern oaken staircase with a glass railing.

Timber bespoke furniture and wooden doors to measure – wooden wardrobe doors made from alder

18. Custom made wooden cabinets in a dressing room.

Good contemporary wooden oak stairs, made to measure timber furniture – wooden bookcase – superb oak library

19. Library cabinets and modern arch stairs made of oak.

Fitted wooden furniture manufacturer UK – exclusive made to measure oak furniture to size
Custom-made wooden furniture, made to measure /  fully fitted good quality oak furniture manufacturer England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland
Fitted wooden oak doors from the UK manufacturer, timber: oak, pine, alder, meranti, sapele - solid wood bespoke furniture
Wooden stairs made to measure – lasting oak timber stairs manufacturer England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, durable wooden doors, windows and kitchen furniture, different wood kinds
Made to measure wooden oak furniture manufacturer UK – luxury bespoke solid wood furniture
Bespoke wooden furniture manufacturer - custom-made oak bed, solid timber furniture to size
Bespoke trendy wooden furniture manufacturer England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland – magnificent exclusive solid wood
Fully fitted furniture, wooden custom-made furniture, windows to size and fitted doors to measure  – solid wood furniture
Wooden doors manufacturer UK - fitted / bespoke / built-in oak furniture to size
Made to measure wooden bed - bespoke furniture manufacturer, lasting, durable best timber furniture
Wooden custom-made bed – bespoke oak furniture, fully fitted marvellous pine furniture, made to measure splendid alder furniture
Custom-made wooden furniture – solid wood furniture manufacturer – timber wardrobe doors
Wooden doors to measure – luxury door to size – custom fitted furniture – handles
Bespoke wooden wardrobe door – fitted carved doors details
Wooden wardrobe doors to measure – bespoke furniture oak carved details, wooden furnitere manufacturer UK
Oak fitted doors – solid timber oak furniture made to measure
Oak bespoke bathroom wooden furniture - custom built-in furniture UK manufacturer
Fitted wooden windows manufacturer UK England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, best bespoke oak, alder, pine and other wood species custom furniture to measure
Exclusive built-in oak furniture manufacturer England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, fitted wooden bath furniture
Luxury wooden windows and high-end custom-made oak furniture to measure


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Classic internal doors

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Kitchen furniture

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Classic wooden kitchen


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