Front doors – external doors

Front doors – external doors

Wooden front door (fitted doors) – bespoke oak exterior door - made doors UK from double, traditional, French and other doors manufacturer

Fine internal and front doors are the pinnacle of Dubinski Artistic Joinery Studio’s style and workmanship.

What makes our products unique? It is the precision of workmanship and technologies we apply in the production of our timber doors.

First, is the QUALITY. Dubiński Joinery Studio selects exclusively high-quality timber. To produce exterior solid wood doors we pick solely the material that has no knots or defects. For this to be assured, we examine each batch of wood very carefully.

Secondly, is the GLULAM. Glulam is our half-product that consists of specially glued timber. We manufacture glulam ourselves so as to ensure the resistance of external door to stress and to guarantee long-lasting stability and durability.

Thirdly, is the MATERIAL. We believe that oak is the optimal timber for manufacturing exquisite external doors: being one of the most durable of natural materials, it guarantees resistance and sturdiness throughout the years. As for internal doors, depending on the style of the interior, there is an ample selection of materials that can be used. Although oak doors are always what we strongly recommend, we also offer meranti and alter wood, which give some splendid results.

The fourth element is CONSTRUCTION. Our passive front doors are available in two standards of thickness: 68mm and 98mm. These excusive solid wood doors have become our signature product and our source of pride. The works of Dubinski Joinery are paramount of attention to detail, exquisite look, and safety.

Last but not least is the SURFACE. We offer a wide choice of door surfaces. Our wooden doors may have perfectly smooth surfaces, or brushed-through surfaces, which leave the structure of wood grain visible. Different methods of painting of the surface result in different qualities. At our Studio, we use pressure in the chamber method, combined with manual inspection of the surface structure’s quality. Nonetheless, if special visual effects are required, we paint entire surface manually. For instance, we use this method if the client wishes to have their front door in an old Provençal style, with the paint fancifully wiped off.

Oak external doors of a suburban property (traditional doors) – first class made to measure doors – best oak bespoke entrance doors
Wooden external doors and timber windows in a house in a Provencal style – Provencal style, traditional oak windows and external door, exterior door on request (made to measure doors)
Front doors to measure, timber doors of highest quality – carved capital, marvelous entrance bespoke custom-made door (wooden fitted doors – carved)

4. Heavily carved decorative head. Unusual colour of both the decoration and the entire carved doors creates a unique character of this mansion following an example of a countryside estate.

House with beautiful wooden (oak) external door – durable bespoke oak made to measure front door (solid doors UK)

5. The view of the country estate in all its glory. The ground floor adorned with external wooden doors in red. Classic wooden windows crowned with wooden shutters, also in red. It is interesting that the muntin windows are painted red on the outside, and the inside matches stylish kitchen furniture.

External wooden doors made to measure – wooden bespoke oak doors, wooden trendy oak front doors to measure and back doors to size, magnificent timber doors of highest quality from traditional, French, double and other doors manufacturer

6.The classic suburban residence. House externally decorated in tones of white. An interesting element is to break the color in the form of external black oak door. Decoration of exterior doors are glazed fanlight additionally decorated with glazing bars, as well as mullion glass wings, through which the interior of the residence is well-lit. An interesting touch is the use of the handrail and decorative door knocker in the shape of circles.

External doors to measure – excellent wooden oak bespoke doors (fitted doors), high quality, prestige, front doors - made doors UK

7. Close-up of a classic residential external oaken doors. The interesting thing is that these are coloured doors: black on the outside, white on the inside, to make it fit the colour of the house.

Traditional doors - front wooden doors, made to measure doors, oak wooden doors manufacturer UK

8. Classic external white oaken doors. The division into four door panels balances the composition.

Traditional oak external timber doors, custom-made entrance doors, luxury external doors manufacturer, front door manufacturer England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, French doors and double doors to sizember doors, made to measure entrance doors, exclusive front doors producer, exterior doors manufacturer

9. Classic exterior oak doors. Using the knob instead of the handle gives the door delicacy, as well as inserting a glass window, which also allows you to fill the hallway home.

Bespoke oak external doors to measure picture – solid timber, stylish oak solid doors manufacturer (made to measure doors)

10. Implementation in New York. External solid oak doors.

Front oak doors (fitted doors) – luxury doors to measure – long warranty superb unique and splendid external door manufacturer

11. These external oak doors are unique. Their look has been designed in order to refer to a Provencal-style of the interior of the whole house. The wiped-off door surface and decorative nails add the interesting quality to these exclusive external doors.

Wooden doors to size - external oak bespoke door – luxury external doors manufacturer UK (front doors manufacturer), highest quality back doors manufacturer

12. Classic suburban residence. Exterior of the house in tones of white and pastels. Both custom-made wooden muntin windows and exclusive external doors are manufactured with great care and reverence. Especially external oak doors deserve special attention. Two semicircular windows decorating them are made with the traditional method of Tiffany stained glass.

Details of external timber fully fully fitted doors – luxury external bespoke doors to measure (luxury front bespoke doors to measure) - fashionable made doors UK from French, double, traditional and other doors manufacturer

13. Close-up of a decorative fanlight shows utmost care and reverence of decoration.

Luxury doors to measure – external timber oak doors, luxury oak external doors manufacturer UK England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, bespoke doors to measure

14. This is one of our most impressive implementations. These unusual external doors are over 7 meters high in total. Both side wings and semicircular fanlight were made with Tiffany stained glass glazing method, and each glass was hand-carved so as to create the impression of frost flowers. Other glasses were grand, so that the passing rays of light created an effect of a cornucopia of colours, shadows and dancing tones.

Bespoke wooden doors – high-quality front solid oak doors – wooden made to measure marvellous external door (front timber made doors)

15. Very classic external oak doors of a traditional mansion. Single door, visually enhanced with two wings. Semicircular fanlight adorned with decorative muntins brightens the interior of the house.

Traditional timber doors (made to measure doors) - external doors, traditional and modern doors manufacturer (traditional and modern front doors manufacturer)

16. Classic external oak doors with an interesting side wing giving the doors a soft feeling.

Solid doors manufacturer (traditional doors) – luxury front doors manufacturer, high quality wooden doors (fitted doors) to measure

17. This is one of our favourite implementations. External oak doors, very classic, very elegant. A round flowery carving gives this external door a unique vibe.

Non-standard doors manufacturer UK England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland – marvelous non-standard made to measure bespoke wooden doors manufacturer (fitted doors England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland) - entrance door manufacturer

18. Unusual external doors. To make this custom-made doors, we used a special technique of aging wood through repeated application of paint and rubbing. An additional aging element simultaneously emphasizing these doors’ unique character are cuts and bark beetle marks.

Oak doors, external bespoke doors to size, traditional doors, front / exterior / entrance / external / front doors manufacturer UK - custom-made wooden doors to measure

19. Two-colour external oak doors, decorated with glass fanlight additionally secured with custom-made wrought lattice.

Contemporary timber doors to measure – reliable bespoke doors to measure manufacturer, bespoke modern doors, high quality external door (exterior doors, entrance doors) - made doors UK (French doors and double doors to size)

20. This is one of our few modern implementations. These wooden external doors have been subjected to a special painting process, so that the surface became smooth and at the same time lustreless. The combination of frosted glass and metal gives them extra flair.

Pine doors manufacturer (pine doors manufacturer UK) – good pine external doors bespoke entrance door - exterior door / front door to measure

21. External doors made with a reconstruction method in the image of the previously existing, heavily damaged doors. Their stark look is emphasised with custom-made fittings, imitating the medieval ones.

Oak timber gate - luxury bespoke carved doors – church gate (wooden gate)

22. Church gate with double oak doors, made with reconstruction-restoration method.

Best external wooden doors – bespoke exclusive front oak doors (exclusive exterior oak doors), made to measure unique beauty traditional door manufacturer (solid doors UK)

23. Close-up of external doors carvings, fittings and bars.

Alder doors to measure – luxury front timber doors made from alder, bespoke external doors manufacturer UK

24. Exceptionally heavily carved external wooden doors. Made with the reconstruction method, in line with characteristics of the building they decorate.

Wooden front door - wooden external bespoke doors to size (wooden front bespoke doors to measure, wooden front bespoke doors to measure) from the manufacturer
Wooden doors to size and wooden windows to order – residence, fine luxury oak windows and doors manufacturer England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland – house
Wooden front oak door - external luxury magnificent oak doors manufacturer England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland,
External door to measure – luxury oak doors manufacturer  - first class made doors UK – reliable quality luxury doors, front timber doors from double, traditional, French and other doors manufacturer
Bespoke front wooden doors, good bespoke doors to measure manufacturer UK – the highest quality exterior door
External door to measure / front doors to order / front door – solid doors, bespoke exclusive doors, in an offer: pine doors, oak doors, alder doors, durable, good timber doors manufacturer UK


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