Wood renovation

Wood renovation

It has been a privilege of Dubiński joinery Studio to take part in numerous renovations, saving precious mansions and palaces from oblivion. We are particularly proud of our work in two objects:

1. Railway Station in Malbork

2. Mansion in Lviv

Railway Station in Malbork

It took twenty one months of intense renovation efforts to bring back the original beauty of this precious, 19th century station building. Upon its opening, the vice-president of PKP – a national railways operator – referred to Malbork station as a gem of railway architecture in Europe.

The renovation was extremely thorough and meticulous. Original coats of arms, polychromes, wooden beams and columns were renovated while decorations and gildings were recreated. However, as an expression of care for historical legacy of the place, certain details, such as World War II bullet holes were preserved.

Historical double windows and doors were given particular attention during the renovation process. The restorer wished to preserve as much of the original fabric of woodwork as possible. Therefore, the repairs and restoration works required the use of most advanced nanotechnological products in order to, on one hand, secure the durability of renovated elements, and on the other hand, to assure that their visual character remained unchanged.

Today the station once again pleases the eyes of passengers travelling along the busy Gdańsk-Warsaw railway line, which runs through Malbork. We are pleased that our woodwork craftsmanship had the chance contribute to this unique project.

Mansion in Lviv

Our Studio had the privilege to participate in the project of revitalisation of a enchanting, historical mansion in Lviv, Ukraine. The building, constructed in 19th century represented a truly saddening state. In the basement, where negligence took most of its toll, the ceilings and walls were badly damaged and damp. The rest of the mansion did not fare much better throughout the years.

The renovation works were divided between various contractors; our Studio’s task was to replace the stairs and all internal doors. It is a source of our pride that, after the completion of the works, our company was the only one to receive an individual recommendation letter, as well as a letter expressing gratitude for our work. We have earned this appreciation through quality, reliability and timeliness of our performance. We also consider a privilege to have been able to contribute to the

Carved timber elements - wood renovation expert / specialist – old wooden gate, wood renovation company UK

1. This is how a carved decorative element looks like before and after renovation.

Wooden windows to size and wooden doors to measure - beautiful pine windows - double casement, passive, bespoke windows

2. Railway Station in Malbork. Our glory and pride. We successfully managed to bring back the double pine windows to their former glory.

Timber windows renovation business, pine windows renovation company – revitalization wood firm

3. Renovation process in progress.

Double casement wooden fitted (custom-made) windows to size – superb pine, bespoke, passive windows to order UK

4. Green double windows made of pine wood.

First class interior timber doors to measure - pine doors manufacturer, wood renovation specialist / expert - wood renovation company England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland

5. Custom-made internal wooden doors in the renovation process.

Wooden gates and wooden doors to size - pine interior door, wood renovation specialist - expert, carved elements, good carpenter

6. Decorative elements of internal pine doors, railway station in Malbork. Handmade bas-relief significantly increases the elegance of this door.

Stylish interior alder custom-made high quality doors – carved custom-made doors – element

7. Decorative ornament of internal alder doors, the Palace of the Archbishops in Lviv.

Internal door - stylish alder exclusive and luxury carved doors manufacturer UK, wooden fully fitted doors from the manufacturer, wooden doors renovation

8. Internal doors decorated with handmade sculpture.

Interior timber carved door to measure, stylish coat of arms carved on a timber interior door to size – internal doors manufacturer England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland,

9. Carved coat of arms as an artistic addition to internal doors.

Stylish interior wooden carved luxury doors to measure, wood / timber renovation company – exclusive doors, wooden gates and windows renovation specialist / expert – carved doors elements

10. Decorative ornaments of a posh internal doors, made in the palace style.

Internal oak door - interior palace doors manufacturer UK – the best bespoke timber doors

11. Elegant palace doors, single and double.

Highest quality luxury wooden stairs – splendid palace timber oak stairs, wooden bespoke stairs manufacturer UK England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, wooden furniture and other elements, wood renovation and revitalisation expert

12. The palace oaken staircase.

Timber stairs to size – best carpenter – magnificent luxury oak stairs manufacturer UK, wood renovation specialist / company

13. The colour combination of brown and ivory gave this vast and massive stairs a hint of lightness.

Timber fitted doors - ballroom interior doors, oak door to measure - best carpenter


Church wooden gate renovation - Church gate revitalization - wooden gate manufacturer, timber gates renovation, oak renovation

15. Oaken church gate revitalized with reverence and respect.

Luxury fitted internal door manufacturer UK – marvelous sapele timber exclusive high-end made to measure doors

16. Exclusive internal doors are an amazing decoration of the palace.


Classic internal doors

Classic internal doors

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