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Wooden kitchen furniture

Wooden kitchen furniture

Beautiful wooden kitchens – prestige bespoke kitchen cabinets, exclusive, solid wood luxury made kitchens, oak kitchens UK, victorian kitchen and old kitchens, contemporary kitchen and traditional kitchens to request

Designing a KITCHEN is a very demanding task. Regardless of its style, whether it is a noble oak kitchen, a modern and elegant industrial kitchen, or a minimalist Scandinavian kitchen, it needs to be first and foremost functional. A traditional kitchen is a true heart of a house – and as it is the most frequently used room it is exposed to increased wear as well as moisture and heat. Therefore, at our Studio we consider smart design and the quality of manufacturing a question of paramount importance.


Firstly, a basic framework needs to be established by answering three fundamental questions:

  1. How often do you cook? – to define kitchen ergonomics.
  2. How big is our kitchen? Is it a separate room or is it connected with a dining/living room? – to define kitchen’s function.
  3. What are the aesthetic requirements? – to define the style and visual design of the kitchen (e.g. Dubinski Joinery offers a selection on modern, traditional kitchen designs, English kitchen, French kitchen, Victorian kitchen, etc.)

Having a custom made kitchen enables us to adjust the ergonomics precisely to the needs of our clients:

  1. The good practice of contemporary kitchen design requires distinguishing 5 functional areas, each with its proper equipment and different spatial requirements: i.e. stock, storage, washing, preparation, and cooking. Also, regardless of the shape and size of the room and the kitchen furniture, the order of these areas should be kept as listed above.
  2. Since most of the work in the kitchen is carried out while standing, the height of the kitchen cabinets must be adjusted to its most frequent users. According to the experts, when designing a fitted kitchen, the worktop should be located approximately 10 to 15 cm below the height of this persons elbows. Of course, there is a margin for adjustments of a few centimetres, if there is more than one frequent user. Another crucial aspect is the space between the worktop and the hanging cabinets: the distance should not be less than 45 cm, in order to assure comfortable usage. Last but not least, an optimum depth for the hanging cabinets is 28 to 30 centimetres.


If the kitchen is spacious, i.e. has 15 m2 or more, and is a separate room, it is perfect to use as an everyday dining room. The optimum solution for such arrangement is to put the kitchen furniture in an L-shaped or U-shaped pattern along the walls, while the table is placed by the wall, which has no cupboards. Another option is to create an island or a peninsula. If the size of the room designated for the kitchen is too small to allow that, it is recommendable to merge it with living or dining room. The kitchen and living spaces can then be visually separated using a low wall, on top of which a worktop can be placed, thus converting it into a table for daily meals. Another manner of separating the kitchen, less definite, is to locate an island or a small bar there.


There are several approaches to how the kitchen fronts may look like, and they strongly depend on house dwellers preferences. A rustic kitchen will, naturally, have solid wooden kitchen furniture. The choice of timber in case of fitted kitchen furniture is practically unlimited, while and different types of wood offer different shades and colours. For instance, a village kitchen may feature pine wood elements, while an oak kitchen is an interesting solution for those who seek to add a touch of of nobility. Also, in a wooden kitchen a stone worktop – or any other natural or ecological materials for that matter – harmonise exceptionally well.

Dubinski Joinery has wide expertise in manufacturing solid kitchen furniture. Throughout the years of delivering bespoke kitchens to our clients, we have elaborated our own method of gluing layered wood – only a handful of Joineries use similar methods. This process makes our wooden kitchen furniture highly resistant to deformations and mechanical damage. Our technology allows us to offer our clients long-lasting products, granting that their custom made kitchens will be a safe and reliable environment.

The assembly of wooden kitchen furniture is crucial for their durability. At our Studio, all the elements that will form a future wooden kitchen, i.e. all the mouldings, panels and ornaments, are painted separately before being put together. This guarantees that even after many years of service, all elements will look as if they were brand new.


STONE WORKTOPS Granite, marble or travertine complement oak kitchens in a marvellous way. Although associated mainly with luxury kitchen furniture, they are worth considering also in more common designs. Similarly as the oak, if impregnated properly, these stones combine remarkable resistance to stress with elegance and nobility. Even though they may not be the most affordable of materials, they are well worth their price, offering unmatched resistance to heat, cracking, scratching, and other mechanical damage. What is more, they are extremely easy to maintain.

WOODEN WORKTOPS Wooden kitchen worktops are a marvellous choice, but also imply an obligation.

On one hand their natural look perfectly harmonises with wooden fitted kitchens as they add warmth and cosiness to any traditional kitchen design. On the other hand, they require special treatment. Coating with a lacquer or a melamine grants them resistance to staining, while impregnating regularly with oil, gives great water resistance. However, they are not resistant to temperatures exceeding 100 °C, and when not protected they may be easily damaged.

The aspects discussed above include just the basic matters. While designing a wooden kitchen for our clients, we take care of every detail: from selecting hinges and fittings to suggesting specific appliances and equipment that matches the kitchen furniture. Our comprehensive approach, far exceeding what is necessary to simply constructing wooden kitchen furniture, has a single, well-defined goal: the satisfaction of our clients. And we meet that objective by offering our clients wooden kitchens that combine eye-catching and impeccable visual design, unparalleled functionality and decades of reliability.

Provencal wooden kitchens - oak kitchen furniture (wooden kitchen furniture) from victorian, old kitchens and modern, industrial kitchens English manufacturer – stylish trendy built in oak kitchens from wood (fitted kitchens UK)


Built in kitchen cabinets – stylish wooden custom made dream kitchen
Timber windows – beautiful Provencal kitchen flowers
Wooden kitchen furniture, high end English - style kitchens - oak kitchen furniture from both farmhouse kitchen (village kitchen) and industrial kitchen (loft kitchen), victorian or other old kitchens and modern kitchen furniture manufacturer, excellent exclusive stylish kitchens close-up


Exclusive made wooden kitchens - Provencal style, English-style oak kitchen furniture, classic rustic kitchens manufacturer England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland,, oak timber built-in kitchen furniture to order


Wooden kitchens (wooden kitchen furniture) – timber kitchen furniture to size – reliable bespoke oak drawer and handle


Prestige, exclusive, high end, luxury kitchens custom - made by wooden kitchen furniture manufacturer of contemporary, farmhouse, industrial, rustic, Victorian, village and traditional kitchens + cups
Wooden bespoke kitchens, high quality stylish kitchens – lasting English kitchens, first class Italian kitchens, German kitchens, French kitchens, Scandinavian kitchen manufacturer – built-in kitchen furniture picture
Custom, good fully fitted kitchens wooden long warranty unique beauty bespoke kitchen manufacturer UK England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland made to measure kitchen oak furniture
Alder wooden kitchens  (wooden kitchen furniture) - contemporary kitchen and traditional kitchens to request from both village kitchen (farmhouse kitchen) and loft kitchen (industrial kitchen) manufacturer manufacturer UK – logo Dubinski, superb dream stylish kitchens of highest quality
Alder wooden kitchen furniture, durable and fashionable fully fitted kitchen furniture from traditional, rustic or Victorian kitchens and industrial, modern kitchen furniture English manufacturer - wooden cabinet
Stylish bespoke kitchens - solid kitchens, timber kitchen cabinets, made of wood built-in kitchen furniture – oak kitchen furniture
Fully made to measure kitchens - fully fitted timber kitchen furniture – wooden kitchen cabinets (luxury kitchens)


Wooden made to measure kitchen furniture – bespoke kitchens from wood, fully fitted oak dream kitchen furniture

15. Extremely rich, stylish kitchen furniture. In this implementation, it is worth paying attention to the protruding cabinets so much in fashion these days, while the door and drawers enter inside the frames. Such design adds an elegant style to the kitchen furniture.

Beautiful timber oak kitchens custom-made – luxury, dream, exclusive, prestige wooden kitchen furniture - best kitchen  to request furniture details

16. Portals and heads carved in oak wood in a suburban residence fitted kitchen in oak.

Magnificent bespoke timber kitchen furniture of highest quality (fitted kitchens UK - oak kitchen furniture to request) from industrial, modern kitchens and old, Victorian kitchens English manufacturer

4. Creamy kitchen furniture made of wood. Hosts requested the smooth surface of furniture, so it was made of alder wood. Cuts in cabinet bands and an appropriate selection handles are decorations per se.

Bespoke kitchens – modern and traditional kitchens – oak fitted kitchen furniture – magnificent Provencal and English kitchen – timber made to measure furniture UK

5. A cornice surrounding the stove is the only heavily carved element in this wooden kitchen.

Provencal bespoke timber kitchen furniture – custom-made exclusive fully fitted kitchens to request from the manufacturer of contemporary, farmhouse, industrial, rustic, Victorian, village and traditional kitchens

6. Provencal style kitchen cabinets. A blue afterglow of the primer shines through the whiteness of the surface. This is the effect of the surface being gently wiped off. We have also selected stylistically matching handles, painted with blue flowers.

Timber made to measure kitchen furniture  - oak kitchen furniture – manufacturer of marvelous luxury wooden kitchens, UK made kitchens, victorian, old kitchens and modern, industrial, loft or contemporary kitchen furniture manufacturer

7. Custom made table and chairs for a Provencal style traditional kitchen.

Luxury kitchens from wood – wooden kitchen furniture custom-made - solid wood kitchens - contemporary kitchen and traditional kitchens to request - stylish kitchen cabinet made of wood

8. Cabinet for small items, trinkets combined with a wine shelf.

Bespoke kitchens - English style fully fitted kitchen furniture made to measure – English oak kitchen furniture, from both farmhouse kitchen (village kitchen) and industrial kitchen (loft kitchen) manufacturer UK

11. Massive and impressive fitted kitchen in the English style. Chocolate stone worktop on top of all.

Durable built-in oak kitchens manufacturer (solid wood kitchens), dream bespoke kitchen furniture – custom wooden kitchen furniture to request

13. The surface of this fitted kitchen furniture impresses both in terms of concept and quality. The kitchen is exclusively made of oak.

Provencal kitchen furniture of high quality, stylish English kitchens, Provencal, classic, trendy rustic kitchens from wood: pine, oak, alder and other timber – beautiful kitchen furniture

14. This Provencal kitchen furniture was designed and manufactured with the utmost care and attention to every possible detail.

Bespoke timber kitchens (fitted kitchens UK) stylish English kitchen furniture - solid kitchens - rustic, modern, luxury traditional and Provencal kitchens to measure

15. The translucent paint on the surface of this oak kitchen furniture reveals a unique pattern of the grain of wood. Dimming and wiping of each corner of the cabinet creates an additional effect.

Timber oak fully fitted kitchens – classic but fashionable bespoke kitchen furniture (oak kitchens) to request from old, Victorian kitchens and industrial, modern, custom kitchens English manufacturer

16. Oak wood is ideal for when we want to emphasize the harmony with nature. In the case of this Provencal oak kitchen, grainwood was emphasised with colour, and then brushed and coated with varnish. The elements complementing the character of this farmhouse kitchen are flower-painted handles.

Wooden kitchens – timber built-in excellent kitchen cabinets - custom-made kitchen furniture from old, Victorian made kitchens and modern, industrial kitchens English manufacturer
Bespoke traditional kitchen furniture – beautiful kitchens – exclusive made to measure wooden kitchens (wooden kitchen furniture - solid wood kitchens UK)
Bespoke timber kitchen furniture – fully fitted splendid wooden kitchens - bespoke kitchen from Victorian, old, custom kitchens and modern, loft, industrial kitchens English manufacturer
Bespoke kitchens - wooden kitchens to measure – classic kitchen furniture - timber kitchen furniture (classic oak kitchen furniture), English manufacturer of Victorian kitchens to request, old kitchens, industrial, loft or village, farmhouse kitchens to request
Luxury kitchen furniture - custom-made kitchen cabinets - wooden kitchens made of oak, alder and pine (solid wood kitchens)
Picture of bespoke durable white timber kitchen furniture, wonderful durable and luxury made to measure wooden kitchens manufacturer UK
Bespoke wooden kitchens England – from village - farmhouse kitchen and contemporary, loft – industrial kitchen furniture manufacturer - stylish oak kitchen furniture – made to measure kitchen furniture – wooden drawers
Stylish kitchens – wooden kitchens fully fully fitted kitchen furniture from Victorian, old and modern, loft kitchen furniture English manufacturer
Bespoke kitchen, made to measure kitchens from the wooden kitchen furniture manufacturer UK - oak kitchen furniture
Stylish kitchens - bespoke wooden kitchens - wooden kitchen furniture from traditional, Victorian old kitchen furniture and contemporary, loft kitchens English manufacturer
Stylish wooden furniture fully custom-made kitchen, timber alder bespoke kitchens - both village kitchen (farmhouse kitchen) and loft kitchen (industrial kitchen) manufacturer manufacturer UK
Bespoke oak kitchen, most beautiful wooden made to measure kitchen (from classic, rustic, Victorian, village, farmhouse, industrial, contemporary and traditional and other stylish kitchens manufacturer) and cups
Wooden kitchen in a rustic style, oak kitchen made to measure furniture alder fitted kitchens (both contemporary and traditional kitchens to request)


Alder bespoke furniture - wooden kitchen furniture manufacturer (fitted kitchens UK)


Rustic wooden kitchen furniture, beautiful fully fitted kitchen furniture – handles


Made to measure timber kitchens – classic alder and oak kitchen furniture, English, rustic, Provencal stylish kitchens


Prestige bespoke wooden kitchens of highest quality manufacturer UK England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland (from classic, rustic, Victorian, village, farmhouse, industrial, contemporary and traditional and other stylish kitchens manufacturer) – brass handles


Solid wood reliable quality custom-made wooden bespoke kitchens, solid kitchens - traditional kitchen furniture


Bespoke kitchens, wooden made to measure classic kitchen furniture - candelabras in a custom kitchen


Wooden kitchens - bespoke kitchen furniture from traditional, rustic or Victorian, farmhouse - village kitchens and industrial, modern kitchen furniture English manufacturer, decorative elements


Bespoke kitchen timber furniture, made to measure stylish wooden kitchens - oak kitchen furniture to request


Bespoke oak kitchens – wooden kitchen furniture - bespoke kitchen furniture, stylish kitchens, contemporary, classic, rustic, Victorian, village, farmhouse, industrial and traditional and other stylish kitchens)  manufacturer



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